Automatic Chemical Injection System
Price: $1,202.00
Belanger Product by Belanger

     The AFIS™ combines ON/OFF water control and the industry’s first product injection system designed
solely for the carwash application. This collaboration creates a convenient and easily applied package all
in one.
     The heart of the AFIS™ is Belanger’s proprietary metering pump. This pump was specifically designed
to meet the carwash industry’s exacting demands. Also included are several components which allow for
simple startup and increased durability. A pressure relief valve insures that the pump does not receive
excessive pressure, and extends the life of the injection pump. A priming bypass allows for easy
changing of solution product.
     Simple installation and maintenance are key features of the AFIS™. The solenoid valve can be
maintained without removing the valve body from the piping system. Installation is not complicated,
performance is superb, and the AFIS™ can be attached to any piece of equipment.

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