Unitec Wash Pay Credit Card Payment System
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Unitec Electronics Product by Unitec Electronics

Credit Card Acceptance
     The WashPay Card Terminal allows a site to accept major credit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® & American Express®) in the self-serve bays via your choice of dial-up or Internet-based processing. Cards that are processed through the Internet are preauthorized, decreasing the owner’s risk of fraud.
Credit card acceptance increases the customer base and maximizes the site’s profits. Multiple purchases by a customer are combined into one transaction, minimizing credit card transaction fees to the site owner. Credit transactions from self-serve and automatic bays may be consolidated into a single merchant account.

VIP Wash PassTM Acceptance
     Prepaid cards allow the owner to offer gift card, fundraiser and loyalty programs and collect the money upfront. WashPay’s expansive memory provides the capability to store over 100,000 house accounts which can be managed from a PC located onsite or remotely. The detailed transaction report supports fleet account billing.

Remote Management
     The WashPay Site Management System allows the site owner to maximize uptime by monitoring the self-serve bays through a Web-based application that can be accessed onsite or remotely. Equipment usage, as well as cash and credit sales of each bay can be monitored in real time. System settings such as credit mode and limits, pricing, grace time and customer display messages can be edited remotely. Detailed sales and revenue reports can be distributed daily via email. The WashPay System alerts site owners of warnings or fault events via pager or email notifications

  • New Feature! Internet preauthorization reduces risk of credit card fraud
  • Increase revenue and profits with credit card & VIP Wash Pass™ acceptance
  • Manage self-serve bays with remote monitoring, configuration, and reporting
  • Consolidate credit transactions from self-serve and automatic bays with a single merchant account
  • Programmable for either count-up or count-down operation
  • Available for the Canadian market (with Internet credit card processing)

     The WashPay Site Management System consists of card terminals, a central site controller and a networking kit. Optional components include a customer receipt printer, credit modem (not required for Internet credit card processing) and a User Interface Kit for the site controller.


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