Unitec Coin-Co VIP COUPONS
Unitec Electronics Product by Unitec Electronics

With COINCO bill acceptor

IMPORTANT: At this time, a unit may only be programmed to accept 3 of the 6 available coupons. All units come preprogrammed to accept styles A, B, and C. A programmer will need to be purchased and programmed if the customer chooses to accept a combination of any three coupons that includes styles D, E, and F. If a customer wishes to change coupon styles at a later date, the programmer needs to be re-programmed.

     For use with Portal TI, Wash Select II, Wash Select II POS, WashChange and Enterlink units.

  • Coinco VIP Wash Coupons are read magnetically and optically to inhibit fraud
  • Each unit may be programmed to accept any combination using 3 of the 6 coupons
  • Customizable (by site owner) with printing or stamping on the back side in red ink
  • Coupon values are programmed for a free wash or for a dollar amount, which may be credited against any wash purchase
  • The UPC code in the lower right corner allows the coupon to be sold at a register system via a scanner, if desired


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