Unitec Electronics Wash Select II
Price: $6,990.00 (Starting at, Basic Unit)
Unitec Electronics Product by Unitec Electronics

     Wash Select IITM is a premium entrance system for the self-serve automatic carwash market. Its patented, ergonomically-designed angled front, enhanced daylight-readable LCD displays and simple instructions guide first-time customers through the wash process while encouraging the purchase of upgrades. It can accept quarters, bills, credit cards (via modem or Internet connection), tokens, coupon and fleet codes, VIP Wash Pass and VIP Wash Coupons. The multi-coin option accepts quarters, $1 coins and up to four types of tokens; and is programmable in the field to dispense either quarters or $1 coins.
     The thermal printer option issues cash and credit receipts, accounting reports and configuration reports. With the pager and remote reporting option, the site owner automatically receives system problem warnings and can remotely retrieve system reports. The Wash Select’s upgraded heavy-duty door, security bar, card reader, optional alarm system and an optional surveillance camera keep profits secure. 

     The POS 4000/V2 is a highly developed, integrated carwash marketing and accounting system. Interfacing with your cash register and gas pumps, it allows customers to purchase washes at the gas pump, in the C-Store and at the wash entrance. The POS 4000/V2 gives you additional selling capabilities and accounting controls that help to maximize your profits.

     Unitec’s Wash Select II is the only choice as a reliable salesperson and accountant for an unattended self-serve automatic carwash.


  • No cash option
  • Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® acceptance via modem or Internet connection
  • Givex® loyalty card acceptance (with dial-up credit card acceptance)
  • Enhanced fleet account software, including VIP Wash Pass acceptance and 1,000 fleet accounts or coupon codes
  • Card reader option (needed for VIP Wash Pass, included in credit option)
  • IDX-X10 multi-coin acceptance – quarters, $1 coins and up to four types of tokens (coin diameter from .9” to 1.25”)
  • Solid state, user programmable voice response unit (14 separate messages)
  • Custom voice messages recorded for your site
  • Tunnel Start Button
  • Access reports remotely with the pager/remote reporting option (included with credit option)
  • Fleet accounts can be added, edited and deleted through remote reporting
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Color surveillance camera with NTSC video output
  • Automatic paging (up to 6 pagers) for system assistance (text, tone, numeric) includes notifying the site owner of bill validator errors
  • Thermal receipt and report printer
  • Interface to WashCardTM, ExpressKEY and eWash
  • Multi-unit fleet sharing capability (max 1,000 sharable accounts)
  • Barrier Gate – manages traffic control and assures accuracy of the wash queue
  • Customer proximity/drive-up sensor


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