Condensing Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers
Huron Valley Product by Huron Valley

Vertical Condensing Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers

Up to 99.8% Efficiency
Microprocessor controlled, modulating air and gas feed means peak efficiency is maintained at all times. This translates into the lowest possible operating cost and a rapid return on investment.

All Stainless Construction
Both the patented heat exchanger and the burner are constructed of the highest quality stainless
steel. This provides maximum heat transfer while maintaining superior corrosion resistance.

Compact Design
The unit can be installed just about anywhere, even where other water heaters cannot. It has zero clearance to combustibles and its light weight means one person can easily install it.

Complete Systems
Use either a single heater or higher input packaged units to achieve the desired BTU input. When packaged units are selected, they can be completely preassembled into a single heating unit.

Flexible power supply requirements utilize 208-240 supply voltage in 50 or 60 hz with no changes or adjustments required. Scale-monitoring, internal software constantly monitors the exchanger to warn if scale formation is beginning. Freeze protection-controller starts the pump (and the burner, if necessary) to protect. against heat exchanger freeze-ups in cold climates.

Internally controlled and pre-wired at the factory. Runs only with demand for heat and cool-down period. Most efficient wire to water design available, with maximum of 2.1 amps energy consumption.

PVC or AL29 stainless steel venting – it's your choice. Common vents for multiple units made possible by an engineered venting system for Propak and built-in non-return valve. Moisture separation with drain for mandatory sealed inlet air connection.

Condensate Drain
Pressure switch monitors the drain system and shuts the burner down in the event of a condensate back-up. Easily accessible condensate drain and cleanout. Larger diameter kink-proof drain hose for condensate removal.


  • Completely assembled, wired, and factory test-fired prior to shipping.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency means low stack temperature – Sealed Combustion means no ventilation openings to the outside. Both exhaust and air inlet use PVC pipe.
  • Modular component construction and self-diagnostic microprocessor controls provide for easy trouble-shooting and maintenance.
  • Extremely low NOX emissions exceed even pending government standards.
  • Cascade Controls – Now, when you use multiple units (up to 8) to act as one, they will be controlled with one setting, complete with rotation, to provide even individual usage and maximum efficiency.


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