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     The Wave Full Side Washer™ provides excellent cleaning coverage for today's larger vehicle market including vans, trucks, and SUVs. Using a spin cleaning motion the Wave Full Side Washer provides superior cleaning from the top of the side windows all the way down through the lower rocker panel and wheels. Self-adjusting shock and cylinder controls allow each wash arm to gently hug the exact contour of both sides of the vehicle, delivering maximum cleaning performance. Featuring a high-grade aluminum framework construction, Belanger's Wave Full Side Washer provide exception life-cycle durability.

Features & Benefits

  • Self adjusting shock and cylinder arms Adjusts to vehicle contour for precise clean
  • Aluminum design Long durability
  • Double bearing arms Superior longevity
  • Bulkhead utility hook up Easy installation
  • Adjustable wheel height Fits exact wash requirements
  • Operates in only 84” of tunnel space Adapts to wash configurations
  • Free standing or mount to other components Flexibility to custom configure
  • Choose from cloth or Neo-Tex wash material Increased flexibility for changing needs
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