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     TunnelWatch® is a software-based tunnel controller written in a high-level programming language. There are three important advantages to this platform: First, it eliminates hard-to-understand codes and replaces them with normal, easyto-use, English commands. Second, upgrading your system is as easy as loading a new disk (just ask our POS customers.) Finally, this approach makes TunnelWatch capable of many features new to the carwash industry.

These important features include:
• Overrides are easily controlled from three different places: The Master Computer (protected in the car wash office), at the TunnelWatch Tunnel Control Station, (located in the equipment room,) or at any Keypad Terminal.
• Eliminates employee tampering by use of unique security passwords on overrides or any controller function. TunnelWatch also tracks the length of time any override was used.
• Decreases chemical/energy costs and wear on your equipment by measuring vehicles to-the-inch rather than the less accurate pulse driven method.
• Simulated Enter, Pulse and Tire Switches auto-adjust for intermittent switch problems.
• Regular equipment maintenance becomes easier as TunnelWatch tracks the number of hours each piece has been used. This number can then be compared to a budgeted figure in the Scheduled Maintenance Report.
• Motors will last longer when using the “look ahead” feature to keep equipment running if a car is within a pre-determined distance.
• Constant, precise tracking of average car length and conveyor speed.
• Anti-collision features protect your customer’s vehicles by shutting down the conveyor if the cars are too close together.
• Space-efficient Tunnel Control Stations allow for up to 255 inputs and outputs per system. Relays can be added in banks of 4, rather than 16.
• Reduce electricity costs by using the “staggered starting” feature in TunnelWatch, which reduces peak loads and thus your energy bill.
• Advanced roller control handles front wheel pull, rear wheel push and anti-jam roller control.
• Tighter control on productivity using on-screen statistics. The Tunnel Utilization Percentage provides an exact fix on how efficiently your staff is putting cars into the wash. If rollers are routinely missed, or cars aren’t reaching the entrance fast enough, you’ll note a lower percentage.
• Security protected, changeable service and cycle counts. These software-based counters are able to track by hours, shifts, days, weeks, months, or years.
• Timed switches that are configurable by the day of the week for automatic control of devices such as water heaters, sprinkler systems, outdoor lights, etc.
• Control any non-tunnel device, such as prepguns and vacuums, from any external output.
• Eliminate extra switches by using a single tire input to measure the exact position of each wheel. TunnelWatch can then activate any wheel-based device without additional switches.
• Decrease chemical/solution costs. The “priming” feature in TunnelWatch calculates a variable amount of time needed for an arch to warm up, or prime, rather than using a fixed amount of time and wasting chemicals.
• Expanded Auto Cashier Interface allows for the use of up to 20 alternate, hard wired inputs for programming vehicles instead of/or in combination with the TunnelWatch Keypad.
• Pacing Feature allows operators to specify how quickly rollers can be called up. By limiting the number of rollers, you’ll keep the prepping crew from getting too far ahead of the tunnel exit employees and help to avoid collisions.


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