Price: $750.01 Rcvr & Txtr Eye Kit
Belanger Product by Belanger

     The Belanger, Inc. Photo Eye is designed to turn designated machines on and off by an “Emitter” sending an invisible light beam to a “Receiver”. When the beam is interrupted, a relay switch is activated which starts the designated machine. The machine will continue to run until the two beams once again make contact or at the end of the preset timer cycle. The Belanger, Inc. Photo Eye barrel sensors are very durable, leak proof and powerful. Their extremely high access gain (700 foot) provides enough sensing power to penetrate extreme humidity levels. The electronics are completely epoxy-encapsulated for maximum resistance to shock, moisture and vibration.

     Photo eyes can be wall or floor mounted depending on your requirements. Photo eyes can also be ordered with an optional heat tape kit to prevent ice from forming on the lense in cold weather environments.


The Belanger, Inc. Photo Eye system can be used for the following operations:
• Tunnel entry
• Wind door activation
• Component activation

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