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Quad Wave Mitter
     Deliver unprecedented cleaning performance to the front, top, and back of vehicles with the Quad Wave Mitter™. The Quad Wave Mitter uses revolutionary space saving features to deliver a full size front to back mitter curtain in a small amount of tunnel space. Using only seven feet of tunnel area to operate, this innovative piece of equipment is easily incorporated into any wash configuration.

     The high powered cleaning action of the cloth Quad Wave Mitter gently sweeps across the vehicle surface as it washes away dirt and grime. Consisting of 4 full racks of front to back mitter waves, each rack holds 12 rows of cloth to provide complete vehicle coverage. For operator convenience, new mitter cloth can quickly and easily be loaded by performing only a few simple steps.

     The Quad Wave Mitter is engineered with many technology advancements that deliver lower operating costs with superior product longevity. Featuring advanced designs such as a direct drive motor and gearbox, this product uses a low amount of electricity and requires minimal maintenance. Other standard Quad Wave Mitter features include aircraft grade aluminum construction and adjustable frame for lower ceiling requirements.

Features &  Benefits

  • 4 Racks with 12 rows of cloth each Advanced cleaning results
  • Cloth mitter design Quieter operating experience
  • Direct drive motor & gearbox Superior longevity
  • Adjustable frame height Flexibility to fit various wash configurations
  • Aluminum design Extreme durability
  • Adjustable mitter stroke length Customize wash delivery
  • Shipped pre-assembled Fast installation
  • Advanced mitter plate design Quick and easy maintenance
  • Available with red or blue cloth Promotes your marketing image
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