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     The Neon Stik™ is designed to create an effective light show anywhere in the carwash tunnel. The appearance of the neon lighting is attractive, modern and spectacular. By using it in conjunction with extra    service sales, customers are assured of receiving the service they paid for.

     Operators may personalize the Neon Stiks™ with customized lettering, delivering exactly the message you want. Neon lighting has been proven to be one of the most dependable lighting forms available. It is ideally suited to harsh, carwash environments. The vertical design allows for placement anywhere in the carwash tunnel.


The Neon Stik™ is available in several vivid colors: green, yellow, purple, red, and blue.

• Covers snap on and off easily for easy cleaning
• Built-in, interior reflection mirrors increase sign brightness
• Adjustable rate flasher module included
• Available custom lettering delivers your message exactly as you want it


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