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     Increase your wash package revenue with the Undercarriage Wash Manifold. The Undercarriage Wash Manifold effectively flushes away undercarriage grime to help protect the critical underbody areas of each vehicle. This powerful, floor-mounted manifold is manufactured with two rows of 5 flat jet nozzles, each uniquely positioned at opposite 45° angles from centerline. This innovative angled nozzle delivery provides superior cleaning into even the hardest to reach areas of any vehicle's undercarriage. The Undercarriage Wash Manifold is constructed with a top-quality aluminum manifold, which is then epoxy electro coated for ultimate corrosion protection.

     With Belanger's Undercarriage Wash Manifold, operators will experience trouble-free performance and outstanding undercarriage wash results.

Undercarriage Wash Manifold w/Rust Inhibitor
Drive your wash package revenue with the optional Undercarriage Wash Manifold w/Rust Inhibitor. This option consists of the Undercarriage Wash Manifold with an Automatic Fluid Injection System (AFIS) added in for use as a rust inhibitor. This AFIS effectively delivers your rust inhibitor chemical of choice through the Undercarriage Wash Manifold's delivery nozzles for even application protection.

Features & Benefits

  • 10 flat jet nozzle manifold Provides a thorough undercarriage cleaning
  • Industry distinctive 45° dual angle delivery Superior penetration into hard to reach undercarriage vehicle areas
  • Aluminum epoxy coated manifold Extreme durability with no corrosion
  • Floor mounted design Easily installs into any tunnel configuration
  • Rust inhibitor option Provides additional wash package revenue opportunity
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