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      Quickly saturate tunnel vehicles for thorough application coverage while eliminating delivery mist with Belanger's Rain Arch. The Rain Arch provides unique free falling rain shower like delivery for virtually any tunnel wash application. Select your desired water, wax, RO, or drying agent, and then select the rain shower intensity you want it applied with. The Rain Arch is a welcomed addition to any wash tunnel because of its unique solution delivery, performance flexibility, economical price point, and minimal space requirement.

     Unlike traditional arches with nozzles that may spray too much mist in a wash's finishing area, the Rain Arch
eliminates this concern with its nozzle-free rain shower delivery. Depending on your needs, the Rain Arch can be customized to provide you with just the right amount of application power you require. Choose from the single100- hole option, the double 200-hole, or the triple 300-hole configuration. All RainArch manifolds are precision laser cut for optimum application delivery.

     The RainArch delivers superior flexibility in tunnel configurations with space restraints. Simply mount the RainArch manifold to any existing 4x4 aluminum arch, a Belanger Uni-Arch, or even the ceiling to effectively wash away hard to rinse residual chemicals. The Rain Arch's simple design allows for fast installation and requires near-zero maintenance.



Vehicle Height Clearance 90” (when using a Belanger mounting option)
Tunnel Width Coverage 84”
Tunnel Length Required 8” (for single 100 hole configuration)
31 1/8” (for double 200 hole configuration)
30” (for triple 300 hole configuration)

Water 3/4” NPT feed required (per manifold)

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