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     Belanger's AirCannon dryers represent the ultimate in performance, ease of maintenance, safety and
effectiveness. Choose from 3 nozzle/30 HP, 5 nozzle/50 HP, or 7 nozzle/70 HPsize configurations or simply add on to your existing system for the ultimate in drying performance. Engineered with energy-efficient impellers,
Belanger’s dryers maximize air velocity performance while using less energy. For operator convenience,
AirCannon dryers are available in floor mounted or wall mounted designs allowing them to be easily incorporated into various tunnel wash configurations.

     Every AirCannon nozzle housing offers infinite adjustability, letting the car wash operator customize the dryer to the needs of their wash. Our fully adjustable frame allows the operator to adjust both the height and width of the frame to fit perfectly to any drying application.

     Three nozzles? Five? Seven? You decide how many nozzles you need to satisfy your drying requirements. You decide what position and angle of attack works best for each nozzle. Adjustments are easily made by loosening and tightening a few bolts. That’s all there is to it.

     Even routine maintenance and nozzle adjustments can quickly and safely be performed on the AirCannon dryers. Unlike other products available on the market, periodic maintenance of our dryers doesn’t require handling heavy motors because we’ve designed our nozzles and housing to slip on and off easily, leaving the motor in place on the frame. Adjustments to nozzle housing positions also benefit from this design so that only the nozzle housing is moved, and not the motor, enabling operators to quickly make custom adjustments for maximum vehicle coverage.

     With so many innovative design features it’s no wonder why BelangerAirCannon dryers are the
preferred finishing touch in vehicle washes the world over. AirCannon dryer housings are available in blue and red and may be purchased with optional silencer kits for quieter operation.


3 Nozzle/30 HP:
    Tunnel Space Required 60” with silencers 72”
    Unit Height 132” with silencers 132”
    Unit Width 164” with silencers 164”
    Vehicle Height Clearance 89” approximately
5 Nozzle/50 HP:
    Tunnel Space Required 70” with silencers 106”
    Unit Height 136” with silencers 136”
    Unit Width 164” with silencers 164”
    Vehicle Height Clearance 93” approximately
7 Nozzle/70 HP:
    Tunnel Space Required 70” with silencers 106”
    Unit Height 136” with silencers 136”
    Unit Width 190” with silencers 190”
    Vehicle Height Clearance 93” approximately
3 Nozzle/30 HP 208V-96 FLA
                             230V-84 FLA
                             460V-42 FLA
5 Nozzle/50 HP 208V-160 FLA
                             230V-140 FLA
                             460V-70 FLA
7 Nozzle/70 HP 208V-224 FLA
                             230V-196 FLA
                             460V-98 FLA

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