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     Optimize your application power and coverage with Belanger's unique dual directional Multi-Purpose Arch.
Designed to be the most flexible functioning arch in the industry, the Multi-Purpose Arch requires minimal tunnel space and is ideal for high, medium, and low-pressure applications. Simply place the Multi-PurposeArch anywhere in your wash tunnel for virtually and pre-soak, rinse, wash, or wax application.

     The Multi-Purpose Arch's industry distinctive design consists of 2 rows of 12 nozzles that are uniquely positioned at opposite 25 angels from centerline. This innovative angled deliver provides superior coverage into even the hardest to reach areas on any vehicle including mirrors and vehicle trim. The Multi-Purpose Arch™ is constructed of the highest quality stainless piping and nozzles. You simply choose the pre-soak, rinse, spot free, or wax nozzle kit that fits your application need and the Multi-Purpose Arch will provide thorough consistent coverage each and every time. All arch nozzle fittings are approved to operate high pressure up to 1000 psi, and are ideal for RO water and all industry approved acid and alkaline applications.

     Unlike similar arches available on the market today, the Multi-Purpose Arch requires no moving parts to achieve its powerful application coverage, and less moving parts means less maintenance and repair costs. The Multi-Purpose Arch™ also has a unique marketing appeal, which replaces the industrial look of welded and bolted metal with a soft rounded and colorful look. As with all Belanger arch components, the Multi-Purpose Arch™ is available with blue or red colored protective 4 3/8”OD foam covering to compliment your car wash's branding image.

Multi-Purpose ™ REQUIREMENTS

Tunnel Space Required 8”
Unit Height 99”
Unit Width 144”
Vehicle Clearance Height 85”
Vehicle Clearance Width 123”

Electrical 110 VAC (if optional solenoid valve)
Water 3/4” Barbed Hose Fitting (included)

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