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Belanger Product by Belanger

     Belanger's new DuraShiner™ is a fully programmable tire dresser that is unparalleled in performance, durability, and revenue generating opportunity. Designed with 15 individual 8-inch applicator wheels the DuraShiner utilizes ChemCycle Technology™ which automatically rotates the applicator wheels to keep the fluid in motion and the sponges properly saturated. Also included in the design are industry-unique beveled applicator wheels. These beveled wheels significantly reduce the shearing affect commonly associated with other tire dressers.

Feature Benefit

  • 15 individual 8-inch applicator wheels delivers uniform coverage with professional application results
  • ChemCycle Technology™ automatically rotates applicator wheels keeping the sponge applicators properly saturated and reduces chemical costs
  • Beveled applicator wheel edges reduce shearing affect while cutting maintenance expenses
  • Fully programmable component helps drive wash package revenue
  • Interchangeable drive and passenger side DuraShiner units Promote ease of installation


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