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Significantly reduce your dryer's utility costs with Belanger's new AirBlade dryer.

     Belanger's new AirBlade dryer takes vehicle drying technology to a whole new level. Though innovative design advancements, the AirBlade utilizes a long narrow outlet to create a wall of air that literally strips the water off the vehicle's surface. With the AirBlade dryer, wash operators will experience astonishing drying performance and all with significantly less equipment and utility expenses.

     The AirBlade's patent-pending air manifold strategically channels the direction of airflow in order to reduce the competing currents of air during the drying process. This design innovation keeps the water continuously moving in the same direction until it is completely removed from the vehicle's surface. The result is the maximum removal of water in the most effective and energy efficient method possible.

     Depending on your application needs, the AirBlade drying system is available in multiple design configurations including:

  • AirBlade (20HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Select (40HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Express (60HP) Freestanding
  • AirBlade Express 180 (100HP) Freestanding

AirBlades are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow to enhance your facility brand.



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