Neo-Tex BOX 26 SW PS RED
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SKU: ASCWS-102466

Box of Red Neo-Tex "foam" wash material for classic C-Channel hubs and Wash Clip fasteners to fit Combo Module X/L 2001 Side Washer or Combo Module Two x Two (26-1/4" aluminum hub height). One box completely fills one passenger side wheel. Consisting of the following pieces of wash material: Part # 6218 NTX PAK 33 X 8 RED QTY 48 Part # 6226 NTX PAK 33 X 10 RED QTY 24 Used on: Combo Module X/L 2001 Passenger Side Wheel Combo Module 2X2 Passenger Side Wash Clip fasteners hold the wash material into the C-Channel. One Wash Clip is necessary to hold one piece of wash material. Choose either 8" or 10" wide Wash Clip to match the Width of the wash material. Part #: 1PLSTC-CL050 Description: CLIP F/10" WASH MATERIAL Part #: 1PLSTC-CL025 Description: CLIP F/8" WASH MATERIAL

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