CAT PUMPS® is an innovative manufacturer of industrial triplex, high-pressure piston and plunger pumps designed for process and heavy-duty cleaning applications. Our primary objective is providing services and solutions for your pumping needs. We manufacture the highest quality triplex high-pressure pumps and custom engineered power units-pumping systems. Each pump or system is matched with system accessories for safety and control. Our pumps and pumping systems are designed for the application to assure optimum performance and maximum return on your investment. We strive to make your experience with CAT PUMPS® a positive one in all stages of the process including selection, installation, operation and maintenance.

 We started in 1968 with a determination that pumps should last longer and require less maintenance. These concepts have formed the basis for our commitment to quality, both in our high-pressure pumps and our quality customer service.

 Prior to 1968, the existing pumps for industrial cleaning and car wash applications delivered very short life and very high operating costs. They could not meet the demands of these applications without constant breakdowns and frequent replacement, greatly reducing the growth potential for these markets.

 When CAT PUMPS® introduced its new triplex high-pressure pump technology in 1968 with the Model 400 piston pump, it quickly changed these markets. CAT PUMPS®' UNIFLOW design and patented sleeved-piston rod eliminated costly and frequent downtime. With this new design, all periodic maintenance could be done from the liquid-end of the pump.

 CAT PUMPS® triplex, high-pressure pumps offered an unprecedented service life before periodic maintenance was needed and initiated a period of rapid growth and development in the car wash and industrial cleaning industries. Our innovations and standards for our triplex piston and plunger pumps have been the guidelines for many who have entered the high-pressure pump market since then.

 CAT PUMPS® has worked closely with OEMs and customers to develop features and materials in our piston and plunger pumps that meet their application requirements. We have added 316SS pumps, flushed pumps, CO2 pumps, foam firefighting pumps and built thousands of custom high pressure pumping systems.

 We chose our name, CAT PUMPS®, because our pumps exhibit the same qualities as the majestic, wild cats of the world: strength, power and endurance. It is our dedication to quality and the emulation of these majestic feline qualities that have earned us the reputation of being the longest lasting, most dependable, industrial high-pressure pumps in the market.

The Pumps with Nine Lives