The most important ingredient in the success of self-service carwash is the equipment. Equipment that is out of order, or does not perform to the customer's satisfaction, means loss of revenues. In other words, "the wash equipment pays the bills." Buying the best equipment available will help insure your investment and the profitability of your wash. In today's world, you are busy enough as it is without having to constantly worry about your wash equipment.

     We, at Carolina Pride, have been self-service carwash operators and suppliers for over thirty-five years. Over these many years, we have seen and help develop many changes in our industry. As operators ourselves, we demand the highest quality and reliability out of wash equipment before we offer it to you, the investor/operator. We are constantly field-testing components to insure their reliability, and systems for their service and ease of maintenance.

Carolina Pride CarWash, Inc. is proud to offer the PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES.

The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES was built with two main objectives:

a. To be absolutely the best built carwash system possible.
We use only the best materials and components available.
b. To be the easiest system to service and maintain.
Even the pump motors have quick disconnects for faster and safer replacement.

     The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES offers the latest proven technologies to the new investor, or to the veteran operator who wishes to upgrade his existing wash system. We use stainless steel for the construction of all tanks, frames, and manifolds. The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES comes with a U.L. listed motor control center to satisfy the strictest compliance of the National Electric Code, and your local inspectors.

     The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES covers the full range of self-service car washing. With our modular design, we offer standard systems for one to eight bays, which can be expanded to fit any wash requirements.