Simoniz USA was formed as a result of a purchase by Syndet Products, Inc. of the Simoniz brand name in 1997 from First Brands Corp. Syndet, at the time, was a 25-year old manufacturer of hard surface detergents, cleaners and waxes, serving the automotive, institutional and industrial marketplace. Simoniz was already a part of consumer product and advertising History and Lore.

     Simoniz USA sits on seven acres in Bolton, Conn., and operates 150,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and distribution warehousing. Simoniz USA's diverse product line covers a broad spectrum of markets including the commercial vehicle washing, professional detailing, retail vehicle appearance, janitorial/ institutional cleaning and products for the home pressure washer "do it yourself" customer. Our floor finishes, disinfectants, waxes, and all-purpose cleaners are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, food service establishments, manufacturing plants, school systems and the hospitality industry. You can now use the same products professionals use to keep your home clean and germ free.

     If you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle, Simoniz offers "System 5," a paint warranty program backed by the Travelers Insurance Company. This program can be purchased from your local car dealership and protects the finish of your vehicle for five years from environmental fallout, bird droppings and more. Simoniz … high performance products for everything that needs cleaning in the home and workplace.

     It was in 1910, when the motor car was still somewhat of an oddity affordable only by the wealthy, that the Simoniz Company came into being. Its formation was made possible by George Simons, who developed a cleaner and a carnauba wax product for car finishes. Along with Elmer Rich of the Great Northern Railway, the two organized the Simons Manufacturing Company. The firm's products were named Simons Cleaner and Simons Paste Wax.

     In 1912, Mr. Rich and his brother, R.J. Rich, acquired full ownership. They changed the name of the firm to Simoniz Company and located the first office and backroom factory at 2121 Michigan Avenue in Chicago, a judicious choice because, at the time, Michigan Avenue was Automobile Row.

     A believer in the power of advertising, Mr. Rich created what was to become one of the world's best know slogans: "Motorists Wise, Simoniz." When radio attained prominence, Simoniz was quick to take advantage of the novel opportunities afforded by the new medium, and, "Motorists Wise, Simoniz," was popularized by continuous radio broadcast advertising.

     Liquid Kleener was introduced in 1948, followed in 1951 by Bodyguard, an easier-to-rub-down liquid wax. To make available a product with which a car could be cleaned and shined in record time, the company launched Bodysheen Liquid Cleaner/Polish in 1954. It was during 1957 that Vista One-Step Cleaner/Wax entered the market. Combining a cleaner and wax in one product, Vista made it possible for car owners to get in a single step the unequalled benefits of both Simoniz Kleener and Simoniz Wax. Virtually overnight, Vista exploded to the top among all car-care products.

     During the war, Simoniz recognized the potential market in household products and entered into the floor wax field in 1942. In the natural chain of events, Hi-Lite furniture polish was developed and added to the line in 1954. The year 1959 marked the introduction of Tone, the aerosol spray wax that helped triple sales of furniture polishes in a period of just three years. Additional products were added through the years such as Plumite Drain Cleaner, Sta-Soft Sponge, the only synthetic sponge that never hardens and Reddi Starch spray starch.

     An Institutional Division was officially organized in 1954. This division offered a complete line of floor waxes, finishes, polishes, cleaners and sponges that were formulated and packaged expressly for business and public large-volume users.

     Non-Scuff Floor Wax made its entry in 1953. It revolutionized the market for household floor wax. It dried to a hard film with a high gloss that was obtained without polishing, and marks the start of the liquid self-polishing floor wax era. Non-Scuff was succeeded by Vinylwax in 1957. Consumer Reports reported to its readers that Vinylwax was from all standpoints the most acceptable brand. Simoniz once again pioneered a new type of floor care product with the introduction Vista One-Step Cleaner/Wax.

     The company launched its first venture overseas in 1928, when Simoniz Ltd. was formed, with headquarters in London, England.Through 1962 offices and plants were set up in, France, Switzerland, Germany and Canada.

     In 1965, Morton International purchased the controlling interest in Simoniz Company adding Master Wax-Detergent Proof and Smooth-Pre Softened products to the line. In 1976, Simoniz was acquired by Union Carbide. Union Carbide introduced numerous products into the marketplace, including Shines Like the Sun, Super Poly, Body Guard, Double Wax, Simoniz II, Shine Booster and Super Blue.

     In 1986, as part of the divestiture of Union Carbide, a management lead LBO called First Brands Corp. was formed and Simoniz was among the brands purchased. In 1988, First Brands entered into a license agreement with Syndet Products, Inc. to manufacture and distribute on-line Simoniz brand products nationally to the car wash industry, which eventually expanded to include detail shop and industrial/ institutional cleaning products. Syndet at the time was a 25-year old manufacturer of hard surface detergents, cleaners and waxes, serving the automotive, institutional and industrial marketplace.

     In 1997, Syndet Products purchased the Simoniz brand from First Brands Corp., and renamed the company Simoniz USA, Inc. Shortly after the purchase; Simoniz USA launched its first "direct response" marketing product called Simoniz Scratch Remover for furniture. The program was highly successful and was placed at most major mass retailers and drug chains, including Kmart, Walmart, Target stores and Eckard Drug, to name just a few.

     The Simoniz brand is now one of the most advertised brands in the automotive car appearance industry. In the years 2000 & 2001, spurred by the successful launch of the Simoniz Detailer's Brushless Carwash, Simoniz produced over one billion consumer impressions, and reestablished the brand as an innovative market leader.

     Today, Simoniz products and services are preferred throughout the country at new car dealerships, professional car washes, and by professional housekeeping and maintenance departments. Simoniz products can be found on the shelves of major retailers nationwide. Simoniz brand products truly are "The Detailer's Choice!"