Belanger Titan Prep System


Price: $11,632.00 (Starting at)

     The Titan VPS™ (Vehicle Prep System) uses a large volume of medium pressure reclaim water to thoroughly prep all vehicles from the window ledge down prior to entering a mitter curtain. Consisting of two triple manifold tubes with a total of 14 nozzles

Belanger Prep Gun System


Price: $5,436.00 (Starting at)

     The Prep Jet System™ is well suited to powerfully handle the complete manual vehicle prep demands of any car wash. This dual wand gun design optimizes the cleaning effect of your system with its high pressure spray loosening the stubborn debris from vehicle surfaces.

Belanger Jet Pump Station


Price: $7,890.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

     The Belanger Jet Pumping Station™ utilizes an H-25 Hydra-Cell pump which is a heavy duty version of the Hydra-Cell D-25 pump. The two share many components. The pump and motor combination are mounted to a sturdy steel plate that “floats” on four engineered vibration dampeners