Belanger Air Blade Dryer System


Price: $12,250.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

     Belanger's new AirBlade dryer takes vehicle drying technology to a whole new level. Though innovative design advancements, the AirBlade utilizes a long narrow outlet to create a wall of air that literally strips the water off the vehicle's surface. With the AirBlade dryer, wash operators will experience astonishing drying performance and all with significantly less equipment and utility expenses.

Belanger Air Cannon Dryer System


Price: $12,750.00 (Starting at)

     Belanger's AirCannon dryers represent the ultimate in performance, ease of maintenance, safety and effectiveness. Choose from 3 nozzle/30 HP, 5 nozzle/50 HP, or 7 nozzle/70 HPsize configurations or simply add on to your existing system for the ultimate in drying performance. Engineered with energy-efficient impellers, Belanger’s dryers maximize air velocity performance while using less energy