Belanger Multi Purpose Arch


Price: $2,340.00 (Starting at)

     Optimize your application power and coverage with Belanger's unique dual directional Multi-Purpose Arch. Designed to be the most flexible functioning arch in the industry, the Multi-Purpose Arch requires minimal tunnel space and is ideal for high, medium, and low-pressure applications.  

Belanger Uni-Arch


Price: $1,181.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

     The Uni-Arch™ is “universal” in application. You choose the application, pre-soak, rinse, wax, etc. You place the Uni-Arch anywhere in the tunnel that you want it, the entrance, middle or exit, double ‘em up, use them alone, it’s all up to you. Just another example of “flexible standards” from Belanger, Inc.


Belanger Rain Arch


Price: $448.00 (Starting at)

      Quickly saturate tunnel vehicles for thorough application coverage while eliminating delivery mist with Belanger's Rain Arch. The Rain Arch provides unique free falling rain shower like delivery for virtually any tunnel wash application. Select your desired water, wax, RO, or drying agent, and then select the rain shower intensity you want it applied with.

Automatic Chemical Injection System


Price: $1,202.00

     The AFIS™ combines ON/OFF water control and the industry’s first product injection system designed solely for the carwash application.