Belanger Deluxe Photo Eye (Set/Pair)


Price: $750.01 Rcvr & Txtr Eye Kit

     The Belanger, Inc. Photo Eye is designed to turn designated machines on and off by an “Emitter” sending an invisible light beam to a “Receiver”. When the beam is interrupted, a relay switch is activated which starts the designated machine. The machine will continue to run until the two beams once again make contact or at the end of the preset timer cycle

Belanger Multi Purpose Arch


Price: $2,340.00 (Starting at)

     Optimize your application power and coverage with Belanger's unique dual directional Multi-Purpose Arch. Designed to be the most flexible functioning arch in the industry, the Multi-Purpose Arch requires minimal tunnel space and is ideal for high, medium, and low-pressure applications.  

Belanger Neon Sticks


Price: $1,599.00 (Starting at)

     The Neon Stik™ is designed to create an effective light show anywhere in the carwash tunnel. The appearance of the neon lighting is attractive, modern and spectacular. By using it in conjunction with extra service sales, customers are assured of receiving the service they paid for.

Belanger Titan Prep System


Price: $11,632.00 (Starting at)

     The Titan VPS™ (Vehicle Prep System) uses a large volume of medium pressure reclaim water to thoroughly prep all vehicles from the window ledge down prior to entering a mitter curtain. Consisting of two triple manifold tubes with a total of 14 nozzles

Belanger Top Wheel


Price: $13,125.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

    Belanger’s Top Wheel™ delivers great cleaning performance at an unbeatable price to any new or existing car wash system. With consistent penetration the Top Wheel effectively cleans all horizontal surfaces of a vehicle including contoured hoods and roof lines.

Belanger Undercarriage


Price: $607.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

     Increase your wash package revenue with the Undercarriage Wash Manifold. The Undercarriage Wash Manifold effectively flushes away undercarriage grime to help protect the critical underbody areas of each vehicle. This powerful, floor-mounted manifold is manufactured with two rows of 5 flat jet nozzles

Belanger Wave Quad Mitter


Price: $10,348.00 (Starting at)

     Deliver unprecedented cleaning performance to the front, top, and back of vehicles with the Quad Wave Mitter™. The Quad Wave Mitter uses revolutionary space saving features to deliver a full size front to back mitter curtain in a small amount of tunnel space.

Belanger Wind Door


Price: $6,930.00 (Starting at)
5% Discount

    The Wind Door is a great piece of equipment that has multiple benefits. From wash bay temperature control to environmental debris defense the Wind Door helps protect the integrity of your equipment's performance.


DRB Systems Site Watch

DRB Systems

Price: $11,990.00 (Starting at)

     Power and flexibility in a Windows XP based POS Management system -- that's SiteWatch. We've designed our newest product so it can be configured to meet the specific demands of any business, from the single-location car wash to the multi-profit center chain.

Belanger Air Cannon Dryer System


Price: $12,750.00 (Starting at)

     Belanger's AirCannon dryers represent the ultimate in performance, ease of maintenance, safety and effectiveness. Choose from 3 nozzle/30 HP, 5 nozzle/50 HP, or 7 nozzle/70 HPsize configurations or simply add on to your existing system for the ultimate in drying performance. Engineered with energy-efficient impellers, Belanger’s dryers maximize air velocity performance while using less energy