Aerosol Products

Adhesive Remover 12x20 Ounce Case


Price: $59.88

Water-based formulation to remove residual adhesive after the decal or sticker has been removed. It is suitable for use on glass, plexiglass, vinyl and poly banners, sentra, lexan, polycarbonates, acr...

Chewing Gum Remover 12x12 Ounce Case


Price: $36.12

Easily removes chewing gum, candle wax, putty and other gummy substances. Makes the job quick and neat by freezing substance to approximately -40°F so it will crack off fast. Removal is easy and no st...

Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner 12x20 Ounce Case


Price: $26.52

Cleans , deodorizes and degreases floors, walls, vehicles, equipment, washable painted surfaces, porcelain and all tile surfaces. Easily removes fingerprints, scuff marks, grease, light carbon, etc. D...

Fabric Protectant 12x20 Ounce Case


Price: $52.80

Protects fabric from dirt, grease, stains and water. Use on furniture, throw pillows, ties, hats, etc. It is effective for protection from both oil and water-based paints and soils.

Glass Cleaner (Aerosol) 12x20 Ounce Case


Price: $22.20

For cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces. No dripping, no running and no streaking.

Instant Spray 12x20 Ounce Case


Price: $53.28

Great final detail product. Leaves a high shine on vinyl, plastics, bumpers, tires and rubber. Just spray on and let dry for a Òlike newÓ shine.